Magnificent Noise-Cancellation

Noise-cancellation is a wonderful thing, and noise-cancelling headphones are now very cheap. Wireless-ness is also a beautiful thing, for somebody who just hates to feel restricted and gets claustrophobic easily. Thanks to the wonders of technology which we are lucky to benefit from, wireless noise-cancelling headphones are extremely attainable, and can be an absolute god-send … Continue reading Magnificent Noise-Cancellation

Scented Candles And Essential Oils

As a person who can be overly sensitive to various things, such as: HeatSoundLightSmellSkin contact I am finding scented candles and essential oils to be amazing for reducing irritation sometimes, and some help for anxiety generally. It can be a fun little hobby trying out different scents of candles and oils–– particuarly for essential oils, … Continue reading Scented Candles And Essential Oils

How Quickly Things Can Change

We all know how quickly things can change for the worse. But it works both ways–– whilst we often talk about recovery from difficult situations being a slow, gradual process–– there are some things which can really change for the better, quickly. Things like housing situation, financial worries, isolation (the more tangible things) can sometimes … Continue reading How Quickly Things Can Change